The Science

Our services are based on the solid theory that users are not consciously aware of why they make the decisions they do. This makes it incredibly hard for brands to really understand their users and create UX journeys which resonate in the best way. Neuro web design is about gaining this understanding through the use of neuro testing tools such as eye tracking in combination with facial expression and biometric analysis.

Neuro UX


Our Neuro UX consultancy employs consumer neuroscience methods and insights to understand user behaviour specifically in regards to website use.

In our context, Neuro UX also refers to the understanding of human behaviour and the psychology of decision making that goes into building the hypothesis for the designs and tests we work on.


On your website, every day users make subconscious, emotional decisions that they’ll never be aware of. They're unable to accurately verbalise feedback and therefore brands are at the risk of implementing changes based on qualitative data (feedback surveys etc) that are unlikely to lead to postitive results. In fact it could do quite the opposite.

We provide UX insights and solutions supported by fact and science. Only with this scientific research are we able to apply the most appropriate theories of psychology which result in the highest possible user satisfaction and results for brands.

The psychology of persuasion

The science provides key insights into our users' thoughts, feelings and emotions. Understanding these is only just the first step. Working closely with neuroscientists and applied psychologists we work to interpret the data into hypothesis which we can apply / design directly or consult our recommendations.

orangegrove labs technology

  • eye tracking
    Eye Tracking

    Eyes are the window to our brains. By tracking the user's gaze we can gain valuable insights such as sticking points, detracting elements, important information that is only skimmed over. Used in combination with the GSR and Facial Coding we can draw some science-backed conclusions and recommendations which can be used and applied to the pages.

  • biometrics

    Measuring user's heart rate and perspiration, gives us insights into their emotional arousal and stress levels. Used in conjuction with Facial Coding and Eye Tracking, we can determine whether the responses indicate a positive or negative reaction to their website experience.

  • facial coding
    Facial Coding

    Facial coding gives us additional insight into the subconscious reactions we might have when browsing a website. This will be used in conjuction with the other technologies to avoid external factors and to confirm whether a reaction is positive or negative.

  • EEG

    This is an evolving technology but one that has the most the potential. By limiting all distractions and focusing the test participant we can gain key insights into the emotions experienced along the website journey.

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