User research

We want to make the web a nicer, more accessible place. And the key to this is understanding the user in as much detail as possible. Data really is our elixir. The best results for any website or UX project always start with in depth user research. We start with qualitative and quantitative user research followed by our unique workshops steeped in behavioural science.

Why is user research so important?

  • Understanding your site users is the key to building an optimised interface

  • Research gives us factual data on which to build upon

  • It helps us to identify opportunities previously unaware of

  • Research gives us the insight we need to remove obstacles

How it works

Phase 1 - Qualitative & Quantitative

Research often starts with gathering analytics data, survey insights, neuro-testing, traditional user-testing and heuristic analysis.

Phase 2 - Workshops

Persona workshops and Neuro user journey mapping workshops help us to formalise the research and focus it on the specific digital journey. Behavioural science and psychology theories are applied here to provide key opportunities for improvement and resonance with the users.

Find out how neuro customer journey maps can help you