User Experience design

Our approach to any UX design project, whether that's a full website redesign or app design, is the same. We always ensure the user - your website visitor, is central to the approach we take. Their minds hold the secret, and our work at is all about unlocking this. Following any user research, we apply behavioural science to the design process, starting with prototypes and delivering the end product or handing the designs back over to be developed in-house.

Why apply neuromarketing to web design

  • A process which allows us to iterate the design until a solution which achieves the most positive reaction is achieved

  • Reduces the risk of a the design failing or shocking users

  • Results in a refined UX which resonates deeply with users

  • Produces a UX with higher engagement and conversions

How it works

Web design

A full redesign project should start with user research. The more information we can gather from the existing site, the more informed we are about the users going into the redesign. It may include persona work or user journey mapping or we may need to conduct user testing to get the insight we need.
We then continue that user-first approach as we start on the prototyping and design, by consulting with the user along the way.
You can then take our designs and build the site yourself or allow us to complete the process by building the website with accessibility and usability in mind.

App design

App design follows a similar process. The key to success is in the user research and information gathering, and of course the tesing. Often an agile approach works best here too where we test, respond, adjust and test again until the solution is accepted by all parties.

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