UX Optimisation

Friction on a website is the enemy of the user. We'll analyse the user's entire journey from start to finish using consumer neuroscience tools, to identify possible friction points impacting conversions. Through our unique methodology and analysis, you'll receive unbiased insight into what users are thinking and feeling at each step. A scientific approach like this together with psychology-backed hypothesis and designs to fix, brings fast and large wins where they're most needed.

Why UX optimisation using neuro testing?

  • emotions

    gain a true understanding of your users on an emotional level as they arrive and browse the site

  • hurdles

    discover what's distracting them or putting them off and, most importantly how it's affecting them

  • userjourney

    create UX designs with a true understanding of the user for a greater success rate

  • neuro testing

    an approach backed by science which offers a fast and effective solutions & results

How it works

Phase 1

The test will be set up to monitor eye tracking, GSR, heart rate and facial expressions while the user performs specific tasks on the website. We will also gather verbal feedback.

After in-depth analysis with a team of psychologists and neuroscientists, conclusions will be drawn and passed on. Work can stop here or continue to phase 2.

Phase 2

Working from the conclusions drawn, we apply our own theories, backed by psychology & science, to a revised design which can then be subject to the same tests.

The neuro approach to UX optimisation removes the guesswork and uncertainty, saving time otherwise spent on multiple A/B tests.

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