UX Optimisation

Friction on a website is, more often than not, the user's biggest enemy. In an iterative 3 stage process, we identify friction points which impact conversions, diagnose and then test solutions. Through our unique methodology and analysis, you'll receive unbiased insight into what users are thinking and feeling at each step. A scientific approach like this together with psychology-backed hypothesis and designs to fix, brings fast and large wins where they're most needed.

Why UX optimisation using neuro testing?

  • emotions

    gain a true understanding of your users on an emotional level as they arrive and browse the site

  • hurdles

    discover what's distracting them or putting them off and, most importantly how it's affecting them

  • userjourney

    create UX designs with a true understanding of the user for a greater success rate

  • neuro testing

    an approach backed by science which offers a fast and effective solutions & results

How it works

Phase 1

We will investigate any room for improvement by looking at 1) engagement metrics - are users failing to engage with the content, 2) usability - are they struggling to find the content or complete critical tasks, and 3) conversion - are they abandoning the website before completing their task.

Phase 2

Then we look to diagnose the problem using qualitative and quantitative user testing. By adding neuroscience tools to the mix here we gain a 4th dimensional, emotional-level insight, which helps us to determine the correct solution more accurately.

This is all followed by thorough testing before we deploy the desired solution.

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